Goal Setting Strategies

Goal Setting Strategies 

One of my favorite analogies when it comes to goal setting is think of trying to drive to San Francisco without directions. It’s great to know where you want to get but with out the proper directions you will never get there. This is the same for reaching your goals.

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The biggest thing to setting goals and reaching them is to have a plan (directions) to get to your goal (destination).

First thing you want to do is figure out what is your goal. After this make sure that your goal is both challenging but attainable. For example, lets say your goal is to lose 10lbs. First ask yourself is this going to be a challenge? Then ask do you feel like you could attain this in a reasonable time frame? If you meet both these requirements then you have a good goal.

Next thing is to create a plan to get to your goal. So for the example above your first step might be to make some changes to your nutrition and then start to exercise. Write down your plan and continue to look at it daily. This will make sure that you are staying on track and won’t get off track and end up somewhere else or right back where you started.

If you have a long term goal in mind but feel as if it will be a long journey, lets say going from San Francisco to New York by car, then you will want to set smaller goals to achieve along the way that lead you to your end destination.

So make sure that you have a set plan for any goals that you are wanting to achieve.

If you need help achieving your health and fitness goals let me know. I’d love to create directions for you to get to your destination. kaltonpt@gmail.com¬†(209)405-1122